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Purple Cupcake Packaging - 3 Piece Half Dozen Box

Purple Cupcake Packaging - 3 Piece Half Dozen Box

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About The Box:

Experience the elegance and convenience of our 3-piece half-dozen cupcake box, meticulously crafted to showcase your whimsical creations. With its perfectly engineered lid, insert, and bottom, this unique packaging solution takes your cupcakes to new heights of presentation.

The Lid:

Our cupcake package lid is the perfect mix of classic style and modern engineering. The charming striped design and scalloped edging capture the essence of vintage bakeries, while the clever locking system on both ends guarantees that the lid will stay secure. Overall, the lid is the perfect blend of timeless elegance and modern functionality, beautifully crafted to elevate those touches of sweet nostalgia.

The Insert:

Not all cupcakes are created equally! Meticulously designed to ensure the perfect fit for both mini and regular-sized cupcakes, our insert contains dual-performing perforated circles that unlock the ultimate flexibility and convenience. Simply leave the circles in for a mini cupcake and take the circles out for standard sizes! Though countless measurements were done to ensure standard-size accuracy, I do encourage you to measure your cupcakes before ordering to ensure that perfect fit.  
**Please take care when removing the circular inserts (by pushing down slowly).  

The Bottom:

Introducing the foundation of our cupcake package - the bottom! Engineered with a hassle-free and quick assembly design, this essential component ensures that your delicious treats are securely supported. Along with the lid and insert, our box bottom has been carefully crafted to emphasize its impressive structure while accentuating visual appeal. To achieve ideal results, thoroughly crease the sides for an unyielding base and an irresistible presentation!
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